Volunteer Questions

How can I help and what skills are needed to become a “room makeover volunteer?”

Donating funds is not the only way to make a difference. Special Spaces thrives on the talent of our many volunteers, and our volunteers are vital to the mission of Special Spaces. While the Special Spaces leadership team does the majority of the “front-end” planning and preparation, the majority of the work required to create these dream rooms is fulfilled by volunteers on-site. If you are a contractor, handyperson, electrician, muralist, seamstress, artist or someone who is willing to help make a difference for our child in need, please let us know how you can help by filling out this form and submitting.
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Is there a cost to becoming a volunteer?

There is no charge to becoming a room volunteer.

Are there any restrictions or requirements to become a volunteer?

Given the special needs and concerns of family, Special Spaces enforces the following:

  • Room makeover volunteers must be in good health and not contagious with any illness. This is due to the compromised immune system of the child.
  • All volunteers under the age of 18 years must have parental consent before arriving at the job site.
  • No smoking or profanity allowed on the job site.

Does Special Spaces work with high schools to help students fulfill their community service commitment hours?

Special Spaces has many options for committed and dedicated high school students interested in giving back to their community including a three-month leadership program for high school students interested in learning more about the nonprofit sector and making a difference in their community.
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Does Special Spaces participate in Internship Programs?

Internships are available to students wishing to gain knowledge in the nonprofit sector in the areas of: administration, fund-raising, marketing, public relations, design and other fields. The positions are not compensated but offer a wealth of information.
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Who do I contact about joining the Special Spaces team?

Please submit the questionnaire that best suits your needs, and we will be in contact with you in the upcoming weeks.