Qualifying Questions

What is considered a life-challenging illness?

At this time, the Board of Directors of Special Spaces determines which life-threatening illnesses will be considered for a room makeover. However, at this time, Special Spaces is developing a list of illnesses that will be considered for a Special Spaces room makeover.

What ages do you serve?

Special Spaces San Francisco Bay Area serves children from 2 through 21 years of age.

What areas of the Bay Area do you serve?

Special Spaces San Francisco Bay Area covers San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, South Bay and the Peninsula including coastal cities. Please inquire for cities outside this area.

Who can submit the child’s application?

At this time, requests can be submitted by email from family, friends, social workers, doctors or other medical staff that are familiar with the child.

What happens when a child’s name is submitted?

All requests are reviewed by the Board of Directors. All applications are subject to interviews with the parents and a medical review.

What are your selections based on?

Room makeovers are not provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Decisions are based on the severity of the child’s medical condition and the availability of resources. Special Spaces also reserves the right to make selections/decisions based on other factors deemed appropriate.

How long until I know if my child was selected and how long until the room makeover happens?

A typical approval period is approximately two weeks, but usually less. Scheduling of the actual room makeover can take place as soon as two months, but could be longer depending on funding availability for that room makeover.

What is Special Spaces privacy policy with families?

Special Spaces respects the privacy of the child and family. It requires all of its’ staff and volunteers who come in contact with the family to sign a confidentiality agreement pledging not to reveal privileged information learned about the family, and not to contact the family at a later date.