Avelino has been battling Leukemia and has had a very rough time of it. Because Avelino spends so much time at home, his room is very important to him. It expands beyond the four walls we designed for him, and was all about creating a space for him to dream, hope and imagine!

Avelino wanted a dinosaur-themed room with a desk and bunk bed. He shares his room with his brother, Raul who wanted it to be all about the solar system and planets. So, Special Spaces went right to work and created their very own Special Space.


Avelino's Room Makeover

Many thanks goes out to Avelino’s family for opening up their home and sharing their adorable son with us. And for the great home-made tamales!

We would also like to thank the following team who made this makeover possible:

Alina, Special Spaces Designer Leroy, San Leandro Lion’s Club Marilyn, West Berkeley Lion’s Club
Julie, Avelino’s wonderful teacher Jerry, Steve, Deb and Jessica, Home Depot Ahmet and Gary, Pacific Contracting
Richie, Rich Imaginations Kristy, Beetling Design Armando, BestBuy
Dave and Lisa, All Kids Lamps Versie, Versie Adams Photography Shelley, Director of Special Spaces San Francisco Bay Area
Dori and Bridget, CreativelyBASEDStudios
Our Wonderful Room Volunteers—without you and your time, the room would have never come together… thank you!
Alina, Amanda, Bridget, Charlie, Feliciana, Gary, Leonor, Leroy, Manu, Margot, Marian, Marilyn, Mike, Morgan, Richie, Rick, Rita, Rohini,
Ron, Shelley, and Versie

And last, but certainly not least, to all of the people who made cash donations so that this makeover could happen, we sincerely thank you! Your generosity is how we make these rooms shine for our Special Spaces children! With gratitude and appreciation… thanks! And to Cathy at Heritage Bank who sponsored our Gala so that we could raise funds for this makeover, thank you!

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