Hayden is sweet, fun, and outgoing with a great sense of humor. His smile lights up the room so much so that you hardly notice the small backpack he wears that carries his intravenous tube. Beyond the façade, you would never know he has EoE, Eosinophilic Esophagitis. When he eats any food other than potatoes, his body thinks the foods are parasites, so it sends white blood cells to fight off the intruder. So, IV formula is how he gets nourishment. In addition to foods, the eosinophils can be triggered by environmental allergies. Kids with EoE experience chest pain, abdominal pain, food getting stuck in their esophagus, joint pain, nausea, and vomiting. Needless to say, these kids spend a lot of time at home. Throughout his ongoing ordeal, Hayden has managed to continue being an academic-excellence student whether he has missed a week or almost a full year of school. Hayden’s positive outlook on life is nothing short of inspiring.

Hayden loves his room! Marlisa, and her team at Whole Foods Market in San Ramon, joined Special Spaces to create the room of his dreams which is all about wizards, fluorescent paint, and black lights that makes everything glow. This room was wonderfully designed by Karen, our Special Spaces designer. And, Richie, of Rich Imaginations, took Karen’s inspiration of a wizard to create a bigger-than-life magical wizard…absolutely a highlight for Hayden! Another highlight was Kim Vandenberg and Randall Bal who came along with Team Whole Foods to help as room volunteers.

Hayden's Room Makeover

There are a lot of people who came together to make Hayden’s hang-out happen! We would like to thank the whole team and their companies who made this makeover possible. So amazing… and we express our sincere gratitude for all for your generosity.

Chris, Start to Finish Repair and Maintenance Christina and Randy, Mancini’s Sleepworld Steve and Jerry, The Home Depot
Laurie and Tami, Carpet One Livermore Marlisa and team, Whole Foods Market Richie, Rich Imaginations
Scott and Jennifer, Kelly Moore Paints Emily and Bridget, CreativelyBASEDStudios  

Our Wonderful Room Volunteers—without you and your time, the room would have never come together… thank you!
Alina, Allison, Amanda, Angie, Charlie, Chris, Dominique, Feliciana, Isabella, Karen, Kim, Leonor, Marilyn, Manny, Marlisa, Meagan, Mo, Morgan, Mrs. Mann, Pam, Randall, Richie, Roxanne, Shelley, Stephanie, Versie, and Jill behind the scenes doing the accounting for the room.

And last, but certainly not least, to all of the people who made cash donations so that this makeover could happen, we sincerely thank you! Your generosity is how we make these rooms shine for our Special Spaces children! With gratitude and appreciation… thanks! And to Cathy at Heritage Bank who sponsored our Gala so that we could raise funds for this makeover, thank you!

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