Becoming a Chapter Director

How to Become a Special Spaces San Francisco Bay Area Director

The goal of our chapter is to be able to provide a dream room makeover for every child our are who makes a request for assistance and needs their own special space. As a Director in the Bay Area, you will be fulfilling the dreams of children with life- threatening medical illnesses by developing, creating and implementing their “dream bedroom”, a place for them to find peace and comfort, their very own haven and Special Space. This process will encompass everything from interviewing the child and their family, to fundraising, and designing and installing their dream bedroom with the assistance of a volunteer staff.

Special Spaces National is always in search of talented and dedicated individuals wanting to become a Special Spaces Director in their area because we know we can’t do our mission and help our children without caring volunteers committed to help. Special Spaces National invests a great deal of time, energy, and funds into developing these dedicated volunteers into successful Special Spaces Directors.

In order to assure quality and safety with our room makeovers, Special Spaces National requires that each Director adhere to the guidelines of the organization. Special Spaces National will provide Directors with all manuals and documents necessary to work under the auspices of Special Spaces National.

All Directors will be receiving the following services:

  • Training, Consultation and Guidance from their Regional and/or State Director
  • Policy and Procedure Manual
  • All necessary documents
  • Liability Insurance
    • Directors and Officers
    • Volunteers
    • Property
    • Workman’s Comp
  • 501 C (3) non-profit status from Special Spaces National
  • Special Spaces National provides all Accounting and Tax Preparation
  • Banking services with Bank of America; including PayPal
  • Business Cards and an initial supply of Special Spaces Letterhead
  • Each Director is provided their own Special Spaces Facebook page
  • Fundraising Support
  • Exclusive Design and Implementation Support
  • Exclusive use of all Special Spaces National Trademarks and Logos
  • National Website Presence
  • Annual Conference

These are some of the services provided to each Special Spaces Director and all services are provided on an on-going basis.

We make every effort to streamline our process so our Directors can do what we do – put smiles on the faces of children battling life-threatening conditions and change children’s lives one bedroom at a time.

Special Spaces National is in hopes that each Director will provide 4 to 6 room makeovers within a 12 month period, however, it is at the Directors discretion how many rooms are created. It is vital that Directors are sincere in their intentions to create dream bedrooms and help to meet the needs of our deserving children.

With the initial and ongoing expenses involved in operating and managing a 501 C (3) non-profit organization there will be a one- time fee of $1,500.00 to become a Special Spaces Director. This fee is due at the time the application is submitted, however, payment options are available and can be discussed at any time with your Regional Director.

To cover ongoing operational expenses, Special Spaces National will access 15% of all funds raised by each Director. We are very proud that 85% of all funds raised go directly to our children’s room makeovers.

Please note that effective January 1, 2013, we will be raising our initial fee to $2,000.00, all else will remain the same.

If you are interested in becoming a director, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly! Questionnaire for becoming a chapter director »

Thank you for considering becoming a part of our Bay Area team!
Please contact Shelley Ham, San Francisco Bay Area Executive Director and West Coast Regional Director, at or 925-989-4830 for more information.