About Us

A bedroom to most kids is a personal space—a place that represents his or her unique personality. For a child with a critical illness who spends a lot of time at home in his or her room, that room should be a very special space. It should be a room that is designed and dreamed up by the child so as to become a place that is unique and loved by him or her.

Special Spaces is a non-profit corporation founded for the development and construction of these special spaces.

Once a child is chosen, a team from Special Spaces interviews the child to get and understanding of his/her favorite colors, themes and wishes—their favorite things. Local businesses, corporations and family/church groups fund each child’s room. These groups, if willing, provide a team of volunteers to help with the decorating and completion of each childs room.

Special Spaces… just what the doctor ordered.

We value each and every contribution to helping us put a smile on a special child’s face. Contact us and let us know how you are interested in supporting what we do. We look forward to speaking with you.
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